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Wildly Affordable Ways to (Naturally) Tame Allergies

You're on fire!!! Ok, not literally, but that's what the inside of your body feels like when you have a constant battle with allergies. If you tend to get sinus pressure, watery eyes, and that lovely drainage in your throat come spring time you might think of it more like a faucet that can't be shut off. Whether you feel more like a faucet or a fire, the problem has a real name, and that name is... inflammation. So what can you do RIGHT NOW (and au-natural) to tame the flames that leave you with red eyes and running noses? Help is on the way!

There are many causes and types of allergies. From foods, animal dander, dusts and pollens, we have hundreds of potential immune busting burdens around us every day. Unless you're planning on living in a bubble (hey, tiny houses are super popular now...), it's impossible completely avoid all potential causes. But you can strengthen your immune system and your body's ability to cope without a full-on face meltdown.

Mmmm, it's so pleasant... the constant stream of gunk coming from your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Just kidding, I'm not a fan (and I'm assuming you aren't either)... and don’t worry, you're not alone! According to the CDC Allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S. More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year. Common OTC and prescription medications wear off, stop working, and make you drowsy and fatigued. NOT a fun addition to your already *very attractive* allergy symptoms. Not to mention, allergy meds are some of the most expensive on the market. You’ve got better things to spend that hard earned cash money on!


'bout time for that spring cleaning

Open the windows while vacuuming. Now, this may sound counter productive especially if you suffer from out-door allergIes but you need to move the dust mites and animal dander (attn. dog moms) up and out of your house! Vaccuming with the windows open creates more movement of air. If you do suffer from outdoor allergens, be sure to shut the windows after you’re done vacuuming and move on to steps 2-6 ;)

reduce, reuse, and... keep reducing.

Reduce - the use of toxic detergents, perfumes, antiperspirants. All of which may contain toxic chemicals (unless otherwise noted from the supplier!) such as aluminum, perfume, fluoride, and more. Many of these chemicals are the very cause of the allergies in the first place. Check out this list for a better understanding of your chemical burden.

Reuse - common food ingredients as safe and natural household cleaners. Vinegar, honey, and lemon work WONDERS around the home! Cue a trip down the Pinterest rabbit hole for recipes and tips galore.

Reduce - foods that make MORE mucous! Wheat, dairy, sugar, orange juice, soy, and chocolate can increase mucous production and irritation in nasal passages. Don't worry, you can always add them back in later, but giving your insides time to cool down will help you look less snotty-hot-mess on the outside. Instead, dig into:

  • all things hot & spicy (spice thins out mucous)
  • bone broth (helps you breathe easier)
  • pineapple (contains an enzyme helps reduce the severity of your body's reaction)
  • fresh veggies and clean protein (help boost your immune system)

Heard of Oil Pulling?

Check out the nitty gritty of oil pulling at Simple Roots Wellness. Not only can oil pulling help reduce outright symptoms such as eczema and dry, itchy skin and scalps due to allergies, but also brighten the pearly-whites, reduce inflammation, increase digestion, AND reduce wrinkles! SIGN. ME. UP.


In particular grapes, apples, and nuts! Fiber promotes the growth of a good bacteria in our bellies by the name of clostridia. We need clostidia to break down our fats into sizes we can use to protective our gut. When that barrier is broken down we get leaky gut which often manifests as runny nose, itchy eyes, and rashes (hmm... sounding familiar). Without the protective barrier, larger food particles are absorbed into the bloodstream (where they aren’t supposed to be found), and puts your body on HIGH-ALERT... sniff, sniff... no!


Speaking of gut health (basically our favorite topic ever!), increase the good guys in your immune system by bumping up probiotic-rich foods and beverages like sauerkraut and pickles, and kombucha. You can also use our friend Kelly’s homemade probiotic drink using our kid-friendly powdered probiotic.

Antibiotic use in yourself, or even in some of the foods you eat (beef/chickens are often given huge doses of antibiotics throughout their lifetime which we then eat) can disrupt and kill the good bugs you need for normal immune function. 


But for those of you who need relief now we recommend Vita-Hist. It's one of our most popular products because people feel better FAST! The powerful blend of Quercetin, Nettles, Bromelain, NAC and Vitamin C, packs a powerful punch to nasty allergies. Vita-Hist lowers your histamine levels, calms your nasal passages, thins the gunky mucous, and allows you to breathe better, and feel better!

You can also top off with probiotics and omega 3 fatty acids for added immune system support, and a calming anti-inflammatory effect. 


You might need a pep-talk but you can do it! Clear eyes, snot-free face, can't lose. That's how that goes, right?



Calla Kleene
Calla Kleene