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1. You get to give health, & give back at the same time

A portion of Well Labs’ profits provide lifestyle preventative medicine for underprivileged and disadvantaged women and children. Let’s work together to make a greater impact! Feel good. Get Well Labs warm fuzzies each time you help a patient.

2. Our products are physician grade

These puppies are potent! Our supplements aren't formulated to be fancy, they’re formulated to work. Well Labs nutrition gets your patients better, faster. Even the highest quality supplements aren’t effective if the dose is too low. Our supplements include therapeutic (potent/effective) doses based on established research. This characteristic separates good nutrition from great nutrition.

3. Our products are allergen free

Gluten, dairy, and soy are huge offenders in the allergy and sensitivity world. Don’t disrupt your patient’s gut while trying to heal them! Our manufacturing goes to the next level to prevent cross-contamination. Custom blending rooms, hours of cleaning, & strict inspections. Next level.

4. We manufacture at a higher standard

Have you ever read a shocking story where a supplement contained only a tiny fraction of the vitamins listed? And the rest of the supplement was contaminated with heavy metals, or toxic and cheap material? Rigid operating procedures leave nothing to chance. Purity, honesty, efficacy, and consistency help us routinely pass FDA and 3rd party audits.

5. Our products are evidence-based

We’re talking well-controlled human clinical trials, published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. That’s where we aim with our formulas, while taking thousands of years of traditional and historical data into account.

6. Our raw materials are better than yours (or theirs.)

Our raw material quality is at a standard so high, it’s not often seen in the supplement world. When we’re getting raw materials, our first question isn’t “how much does it cost?”. Our questions are: “Is it clinically applicable?” “Is it bioavailable?” “Is it safe?” “What country and facility does it come from?”. We use superior sources, always.

7. Empower your patients

Well Labs products come with patient education material, both in print and online. You’re welcome to use our goods to help patients understand how good nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle make them feel better. Patient education helps empower your patients to participate in lifestyle medicine. It sounds weird, but ideally we would teach our patients how NOT to need us. We want them making good choices in order to make them healthier longer.

8. As Well Labs grows, so does our mission

Are you in the healthcare industry to help people? We thought so. 10% of Well Labs products will always go to making healthy contagious in areas that need our help. 10% of something big is big. 10% of something huge, is HUGE.

More Well Labs. More help. More health.

9. We’re convenient.

Out of stock interferes with your patient’s health, and your revenue. We work to deliver your product in a timely matter. Your patient can’t make it to your office? They can enter your clinic’s custom code when they buy online, so we can still credit your success, and track your impact.

10. We get you.

We’re physicians, and nutritionists.

We work in our clinics with our patients daily. We understand your struggles, needs, wants, and desires as it applies to your practice. We get that you need product ASAP to help a struggling sister. We get that you have questions on supplements for kids, and you might have a mom in your office that needs more information. We’ve been there. Let us help you!


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