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Hi, I’m Calla, I’m the Chief Executive Officer of Well Labs. At 24 years old I found myself married to my high school sweetheart, a chiropractor, and opening my own office. I have to admit, I had zero experience in business ownership. I’ve made a ton of mistakes and also managed to learn a few things here and there. But through it all, I knew one thing. I just wanted to help others. To be a part of something bigger than myself where I can help you and I succeed in the health world all while giving back to those in need. Read more about Dr. Calla Kleene here




Hi, I'm Hannah, the Chief Product Officer of Well Labs. That's my job because I am obsessed with how everything looks and sounds. I'm that girl at the party that's always overdressed, and constantly carries her color-coded day planner. Details, details, details! I am a chiropractor, and college professor. I've been a science nerd since I can remember, and I LOVE learning about anything that affects the human body.  I go gaga over prevention. Maybe it's my inner control freak, but the fact that I can prevent disease myself with a healthy lifestyle fires me up! But the bottom line is we both need a simple and practical way to be healthy, and look good doing it. Read more about Dr. Hannah Anderson here.