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The Well Labs Story

Welcome to Well Labs! We're glad you're here. 

The Well Labs Story:

Well Labs was created just for you. It happened when we were sitting down to discuss for the hundredth time how we could help communities truly understand health and nutrition through a realistic and simple perspective. Our goal has always been to take out the complexity and controversy of health, and bring people back to their roots. That day it dawned on us that the easiest and simplest way for us to help you, is to be available at the touch of a button.

Let us help you achieve lasting health, while giving back to those in need. 

What is Well Labs:

Well Labs is a supplement company on a mission to give underprivileged women and children access to lifestyle medicine. As we give back, we also want to give YOU the highest quality nutritional goods, and make health easy and practical… all at the same time!

Here are 6 feel-good reasons to choose Well Labs:

1. When you get health, we give back.

A part of every Well Labs purchase will go back to providing underprivileged women and children access to lifestyle medicine. 15.3 million kids wake up questioning if they will have enough to eat. Even more kids, don’t have access to nutritious and healthy foods. Black women face an alarming rate of preventable mortality, than can be changed with support from a doula. Unhealthy moms, make unhealthy kids, who make unhealthy adults. Help us break the cycle. See our mission to get a feel for THE GIANT impact we can make.

2. We make your life easier.

Why am I taking this? When do I take it? With food? Morning or night? These are all questions that can slow down your day and make nutrition seem complicated. In each Well Labs order we include mini cards small enough for your wallet, with answers to these common questions so you don’t have to spend 20 minutes on Google every morning… unless you need to know your horoscope, then by all means, Google away.

3. We’re convenient.

Well Labs is shipped to your door for $6.00 flat. You don’t want to spend time at the store, pouring through bottles and labels. Let us come to you. Sign up for a single order, or sign up for a regular auto-ship so you’ll never be left high and dry if you forget to re-order. Speaking of convenience, click here to see our favorite way to take nutrition on the go!

4. We’re realistic.

IDEALLY in the land of rainbows and unicorns, we would all eat perfectly, with no junk food (or happy hour) and we would get every vitamin and mineral we need every day, following our daily workout. REALITY CHECK: we’re real people. While we’re always striving for optimal health, we do our best to make our suggestions practical for you and your family. Because you’re busy… and ice cream tastes good.

5. We’re all about sharing.

Via email, we’re ready to give you a little more health. A free article, work out, meditation, yoga pose, recipe, and more! Sign up for newsletters (at the bottom of the page) to get a little healthier.

6. When we say high quality, we mean it.

Did you know many of the vitamins you’re buying at the store aren’t tested for quality, safety, or effectiveness? In some cases, you could be swallowing little bits of cardboard wrapped in a capsule and not even know it. Well Labs nutrition is tested by some insanely high standards.

And here's 5 nerdy reasons you should choose Well Labs:

1. Our products are physician grade, aka these puppies are potent!

They’re not formulated to be fancy; they’re formulated to work. We want you to get better, faster.

2. Our products are allergen free.

Gluten, dairy, and soy wreak havoc on many people’s immune systems. We do our best to leave these OUT of our products. We don’t want to insult your guts while we’re trying to heal them. We have custom blending rooms, spend hours cleaning, and go through strict inspections to take your health to the next level.

3. We manufacture at a higher standard.

Have you ever read a shocking story where a supplement contained only a tiny fraction of the actual vitamins listed? And the rest of it was contaminated with heavy metals, or toxic and cheap materials? That’s an unfortunate reality with some other brands. Rigid operating procedures in our labs leave nothing to chance. Purity, honesty, efficacy, and consistency help us routinely pass FDA and 3rd party audits.

4. Our products are evidence based.

We’re talking well-controlled human clinical trials, published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. That’s where we aim with our formulas, while taking thousands of years of traditional and historical data into account.

5. Our raw materials are impressive.

Our raw materials are held to high standards RARELY seen in the supplement market. We don’t find the cheapest materials, but we do find the most absorbable, effective, and safe materials. Our sources are superior, because your health is worth it.

Well Labs in a nutshell:

We want the best for you. We want health and nutrition to be easy and convenient. With your help, we’re giving back, because the world is a better place when positive vibes and warm fuzzy feelings abound.


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