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Naturally Boost Your Energy: How Nutrition Can Make You a Well Oiled Machine

Are you tired? Most people (especially parents of small children) laugh when I ask this. Most people have a lull at some point in the day, but what if you could wake up easier or push through the afternoon slump without that extra cup of coffee? Knowing these natural ways to make your body a clean, mean, energy making machine could seriously stop your fatigue in its tracks. 

Ohhh... you guys (and gals). This is another one of those topics where my FULL nerd speak bubbles to the brim and then just crashes onto the internet after making a pit stop on my keyboard. Why? Because low energy applies to just about everyone at some point in their life. Some people fight it their entire life. Granted, there aren't a lot of chronically exhausted toddlers strutting around, but soon after elementary school some people turn into zombies and never get converted back (or whatever you do to zombies to make them normal again... is that even possible?... obviously I haven't watched The Walking Dead yet). Let's get into the nitty gritty of how you can use nutrition to naturally boost your energy. No, I'm not going to tell you to sleep more, because if you've been on earth for the past year, I bet someone has told you to go to bed earlier (along with taking naps, giving up booze, and laying off sugar). Been there. Done that. Moving on. Instead, I'd like to fill you in on why your body is an energy machine, which type of fuel it prefers, and how to make that machine work as efficiently as possible. 

How do you make energy in the first place?

EAT! Isn't that the best answer ever? Snacks for all! Yes. It's true. You need to eat to make energy, so pat yourself on the back for chowing down (*eyes drift over to girl scout cookies*). Obviously cookies and cake aren't your best energy sources as they're a little off balance in the protein department. A good balance of clean carbs (fruits and veggies), protein (organic meat), and fat (oils and nuts) will give you the best source of energy. Your body takes carbs, proteins, and fats and puts them into something called the krebs cycle. If you're having traumatic chemistry class flashbacks, take a deep breath. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry, this cycle is just the way you make energy. 

So food goes into the energy machine, and out comes energy. Ta da!

Only... it's a little more complicated than that. Like all machines, there are things that can make it go faster or slower. 

Things that make a well-oiled energy machine:

B Vitamins:

Often zapped by medications, coffee, alcohol, or stress (you may need this free guided meditation), these bad boys may be the single most influential vitamin on your energy levels. They are the present at almost every point in the energy cycle. You can find them in a high quality B-complex, or in foods like organic meat, fish, lentils, and green veggies.

*side note* - this was a personal game changer for me! 1 of these a day, saved me from that aching need for caffeine in the morning!


Not only an energy booster, but a bone builder, magnesium deficiency is another likely culprit of low energy. This is especially true for those with thyroid disorders, diabetes, or very active gym rats. Find magnesium in leafy greens, oatmeal, nuts, & seeds, or a magnesium supplement

*side note* - Magnesium works best in your body when combined with calcium and amino acids! Get the best bang for your buck by making sure it's "reacted" or "chelated" and take it in the evening when your body likes to absorb minerals best. 


In addition to making energy, this mineral helps you digest proteins, keep illness at bay, and keep your sex life awesome (mhmm). Find it in a powerful mineral blend, or foods like red meat, organ meats, and root vegetables


Anemia (low Iron) is a symptom that most people are familiar with. The key sign of anemia? Being super duper tired! Iron is found in dried fruit, red meat, and spinach, BUT in order to absorb the iron in those foods you need vitamin B 12, and a healthy gut! Try getting your B's and healing your gut as well as increasing high-iron foods to get the best boost!


Sometimes abbreviated as "GSH", this is the MOTHER of all antioxidants! Antioxidants help fight stress against our cells. GSH can get too low in a world of infections, antibiotics, environmental toxins, and GMO foods. Get your levels back to great by keeping up your B vitamins (they recharge GSH), and increasing sulphur-rich veggies.


It's true, a walk around the block is probably more effective than that second cup of coffee. We need oxygen to keep our energy machine cookin'! So go for a stroll outside, around the office, or drop in to a yoga class to get more oxygen into your blood stream.

Things that gunk up the energy engine:


Seemingly everywhere, this element can build up in your brain over time. It's found in cookware, plastic food packaging and body care products. That's right, changing deodorants (to an aluminum-free version) could make you more energetic!


Through our water, toothpaste, and non-organic foods we may be getting too much fluoride. It's often used as a pesticide in conventional farming so it may be in foods you never expected. Switching to organic groceries, and fluoride free toothpaste may give you a little more pep in your step!


To avoid mercury stay clear of contaminated fish (a good reason to get higher quality sushi!), and as your dentist for non-mercury fillings. You can also ask your dentist to make sure your mercury fillings aren't cracked which can seriously slog down your energy making powers. 

Poor Gut Health: 

Our gut has the nickname of "second brain" because it controls SO MUCH of our body. Are you tired and also battling cramps, stomach aches, constipation, or diarrhea? They're probably connected. We need a healthy gut to absorb the nutrients that make energy (read how here).

Your energy machine can also be affected by stress, thyroid struggles, and medications, so be sure to investigate if one of those topics hits a little too close to home!

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Hannah Anderson
Hannah Anderson