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The 7 Day Birth Control Detox


I wholeheartedly believe in supporting your body to do the amazing things it's capable of. I have little kids, and I've realized that instead of giving them more, more, MORE - sometimes I just need to remove the road blocks and let them thrive on their own. This applies to your health as well. When you take a few days to focus on the removal of toxins (roadblocks!) it can do a much better job of keeping you well. Medications, pesticides, and artificial fragrances are just a few of the things that slow down your liver and intestines, gumming up the detoxification process. This impacts every other system in your body. We've made this guide, paired with a curated set of high quality nutrition, to explain and support the detoxification process. This guide is appropriate for many different lifestyles, but it's GREAT after breaking up with hormonal birth control after months or years of use. It can be especially helpful if you're experiencing negative side effects, or planning to get pregnant in the future. 

What's the deal with toxins?

(Cue awful Seinfeld impression)... Toxins are substances that have harmful effects on your body. The bad news: many of them are unavoidable in our modern day world filled with processed foods, stress, conventional agriculture, and pollution. You're exposed to toxins through your environment, medications, lifestyle choice, and your body's own metabolic processes (yes, you make some toxins too). This 7 day detox plan includes the goods your body needs to get rid of harmful toxins so you and your lovely organs can live your best life.

You often don't pay attention to your health until it begins to fail. I like the metaphor of an overflowing cup. Imagine you have a 4oz cup that represents your body's capacity for handling toxins. Rx medications, alcohol, pesticides on your food, parabens in your shampoo, food sensitivities, and emotional stress are all examples of pouring different amounts into your cup. With those things mentioned alone, you could easily fill and overflow your theoretical cup. The overflow, big or small, represents your body's inability to keep up with the toxic load and thus the beginning of unwanted symptoms. So, no, that one non-organic meal isn't going to kill you. But is it adding to your cup? Are you taking any steps to empty your cup, or allow it to empty more efficiently? This is where cellular detoxification shines. 

While the body can withstand stressors, it needs support to recover and function at an optimal level. In your lifetime, you will consume between 30 and 50 tons of food (wild, right?). The gastrointestinal (GI) tract is responsible for breaking down food, absorbing useful compounds, and eliminating toxins. The liver, in close association with the GI tract, works to remove toxins from the food we eat as well as those produced by metabolic processes. When the GI tract isn't functioning optimally, the liver gets bogged down trying to pick up the slack. When there are too many toxins for the liver to handle, we call that the "toxic burden" (cup overflowing). Every once in a while, our bodies need some "spring cleaning" to restore the body’s ability to eliminate toxins and maintain optimal liver function. 

Toxins you may run into along the way:

From the Environment

• Pollution

• Auto exhaust

• Solvents (paint, cleaning products)

• Heavy metals

• Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides

• Radiation

• Inhalants


From Your Lifestyle

• Fast foods, fried foods

• Cosmetics (there are cleaner options luckily!)

• Nicotine and Alcohol

• Caffeine

• Rx and OTC drugs

• Artificial food additives,

colorings and preservatives

• Meats that contain hormones

and antibiotics

• Refined foods and sugars


From Your Insides

• Bacterial, yeast, fungal overgrowth

• By-products of metabolic reactions

(such as carbon dioxide and


• Undigested food

• Stress

• Unresolved trauma or abuse

• Unhappy relationships


Your Liver Works Hard 24/7

The liver is the MVP organ for clearing out toxins. It utilizes nutrients while detoxifying hundreds of chemicals. The detox show happens in two distinct acts, and is officially called biotransformation. Optimal biotransformation depends on the capability of the liver. If the liver isn't functioning properly, every other system in the body, including the heart, brain, kidneys and skin, is compromised. Interestingly, most toxic compounds introduced to the body are fat-soluble, meaning they're attracted to the body’s fat cells. The fat cells act as insulation and protect the rest of the body from the toxins This 7 day detox assists the liver in converting harmful fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble forms, which are more easily eliminated by your kidneys and colon.

Act (Phase) I:

Enzymes convert harmful fat-soluble toxins into intermediary metabolites. Since the intermediary metabolites are usually more toxic than the original fat-soluble toxins, they must go through the second phase quickly to become less toxic. 

Act (Phase) II:

Specific molecules are attached to the intermediary metabolites. This process makes the metabolites non-toxic and water soluble so they can be eliminated through the urine and stool.


Why a 7 Day Detox?

This cellular detox program is designed to help restore the stellar detox and elimination functions you already have. The body often doesn't get enough vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to facilitate the level of detoxification necessary to stay healthy and feel well. The 7 Day Detox provides your body with these detox essentials: macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and clean protein. This program can be used as a precursor to other types of GI tract support, or to unmask other health issues that you may be experiencing due to toxin accumulation. It can also be used as a proactive approach to maintaining your health. We're hoping to help you understand how you can reduce the toxic burden in your body as well as outline a step-by-step program to promote healthy detoxification. Your detox system may be rusty, but we're here for this tune up!

We've got goals.

REMOVE the incoming burden of toxins, by eliminating all additional toxin burden from your diet and lifestyle. 

RESTORE the processing and elimination of toxins by drinking purified water, eating detox-friendly foods. 

REVITALIZE your liver detoxification pathways and support GI function by and drinking chocolate or vanilla Daily Detox shakes and taking Daily Detox capsules.

Interested in learning more? Head on over to our resource page to find the full 7 Day Detox plan, and get your nutrition bundle here.


Hannah Anderson
Hannah Anderson