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Injection Support Protocol: Gather data, support your body.

Should we just dive into the hottest topic of the times? We've talked about safety and detoxification around vaccines before, but we've got some new suggestions with the current and ever-updating information surrounding CV-19 injections. 

None of these suggestions have been studied in short or long term models, and are our suggestions based on we've seen thus far in research and clinical practice. These are basic recommendations, not supported by the CDC, or are FDA cleared as a standard of care for anyone. 

What we suggest before your injection(s):

1. Gather Data

  • Get tested via PCR specifically for Covid-19 infection. Receiving a CV19 injection is contraindicated during an active infection. Considering many cases are asymptomatic positive, this proactive measure is advised in obligatory injections at this time.
  • Get a pre-test for antibodies IgG and IgM, Spike Proteins, and Nucleocapsid (US BioTek) to establish your baseline values of existing immunity. Certain results may indicate that you've been exposed naturally, and will give you some measurement of the reaction created in your body after the injection. 
  • Ask your doctor to test your Vitamin D3 status, keeping in mind the goal of achieving a level of 60-80 ng/mL prior to injection is advised. This test can be done as a finger prick or blood draw.

2. Build Yourself Up With Nutrition

  • Vitamin D3 5,000 IU/day (or more, depending on tested levels, consult with physician)
  • Immune Boost (a combination of Vitamin C, Quercetin, N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) and Zinc. Zinc opens the door so the antioxidants can enter the cells and do their magic restoring mitochondrial balance, preventing viral replication, and repairing cellular damage.)
  • Melatonin - 6mg taken at bedtime - ( You may connect melatonin and sleep, but did you know melatonin and immunity are intertwined too?!)
  • Protect your gut with a high quality probiotic
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids - 3-4 grams per day (Omega 3's are ANTI-inflammatory, and inflammation is causes cellular damage, and many of your symptoms. Omega 3's like DHA and EPA help to put out the fire, while illness and toxins tend to 'fan the flames'.)

3. Dedicate Yourself to Healthy Habits

  • Resolve any current fevers, abnormal stools, or unusual symptoms
  • Use good sleep hygiene practices (no screens 2 hours before bed, wear blue light blocking glasses, sleep in a dark/cold room for as close to 8 hours as possible)
  • Decrease mental and emotional stress as much as possible
  • Move regularly with 15-20min cardio/day, 15-30 min of strength training, and 10 minutes of deep diaphragmatic breathing nightly. If sedentary, consider brisk walking for 10-15 min to get heart pumping and monitor recovery prior to injection. Seek medical care if health status is questionable if you are healthy enough for physical activity. Physical fitness is an indicator for recovery from CV19 infection.
  • Meditation, mindfulness, and prayer are highly recommended.
  • Ideal do not change any medications around the time of injection to allow your body to properly adjust. If medications change (you're starting hormonal birth control, changing your antidepressant dose, etc.) we suggest waiting 14-30 days a minimum while your body adapts to the medication change before getting any injections.

After Injections

1. Continue Nutritional Support above for 21 days post-injection.

2. Consider using an Infrared Sauna for detoxification and cellular health

3.  Check and see if your body responded! 14-20 days after vaccination re-test immune response to confirm antibody, spike protein, and nucleocapsid levels. While these don't guarantee immunity, they are good indicators if your immune system is reacting. This may be particularly important if you have comorbidities (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune conditions). Consider re-testing every 6-12 months to make sure status is maintained.

Our Goal

As always, our goal is to help you stay informed and educated about your own body and support you naturally through the ups, downs, ins, and outs. At this point in time this is our best guess in regards to preventing adverse reactions while simultaneously boosting the immune system. We believe in bodily autonomy, choice, and the power of the human body. If you are seeking additional information in regards to functional medicine, please reach out to 

Calla Kleene
Calla Kleene