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A Love Letter to the Dollup: How I Simplified My Morning Routine

For the Love of Looking Chic, and Being (mostly) On Time for Work.

Ok, switch over to your creeper brain. I’m about to get a little more personal about my morning routine.

Imagine the following:

6:30 am: My husband snoozes his alarm 12 times, and finally decides to get up. Sleepily, I ask him to open the kitchen door, because if he does, my tiny fluffy dog will sprint to the bedroom, hop in bed with me and immediately assume the “little spoon” position. The puppy is warm, and I ask him if he slept well. He did, because he’s a dog and his life is the easiest.

6:50 am: Eventually I go downstairs to make breakfast, and I don’t mean pour a bowl of cereal. I mean a hearty, savory, uses multiple pots and pans BREAKFAST. I don’t mess around when it comes to breaking my fast.

7:30 am: By the time my puppy and I have enjoyed a long, filling, made from scratch breakfast, I have about 15 minutes before I need to leave the house.

8:00 am: I arrive at the clinic and start seeing patients. Makeup done. Hair styled. B vitamins restored. Gut health improved. Brain boosted. Reasonably professional outfit on.

Ok… so I may have left some things out… like those 15 minutes where everything falls in place? Oh yeah. That.

Those 15 minutes are where the Dollup has been a game changer. I don’t know if you’ve seen the Dollup hanging out in the “accessories” part of our shop, but if you have, you’ve probably wondered why we carry a makeup case alongside our physician-grade nutrition.

Here’s why: we’re REAL not IDEAL.

Ideally, I would get up earlier, give myself plenty of time to get ready, and avoid the rush.

In reality, I will not wake up earlier. I don’t have kids yet, and I’ve heard once you have them that you basically stop sleeping. So yeah, I’m gonna revel in my comfy sheets until further notice.

So how does my morning come together?

In those 15 minutes, I smooth my hair out, put clothes on, put some foundation on my face, and pack my bag for the day... at lightning speed.

I toss my Dollup in my bag, which contains the rest of my makeup, and my vitamins.

I hop in the car, and take off. When I sit at a red light or 2 along the way, I take my supplements (for me, that’s a Methyl B, a fish oil, and a probiotic… sometimes a multivitamin if I’ve been slacking with my clean eating). When I pull into the parking lot of the clinic, (at 7:58am) I toss on my eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and lipgloss.

(I don’t recommend multitasking in cars, just to be clear. But I had to tell you guys the truth about my own routine).

The 5 Best Things About having a Dollup (especially from Well Labs!):

  1. The Mirror: One half of the Dollup is a mirror that is, wait for it, actually big enough to see your face! I get a little fed up with compact mirrors that can only show one of my eyelashes at a time. Not only that, but the mirror folds out to stand up freely! I use this “mini-vanity” set up a lot when I’m doing my makeup in an airport or hotel, or need a touchup later in the day.
  2. Magnetic pallet: Most powdered makeup (bronzer, eye shadow, blush) comes in a metal pan. You can pop these out of the heavy packaging, and carry them all in one convenient place. The metal sticks to the inside of the Dollup under the mirror! The Dollup team shows you how to “de-pot” your makeup with this super convenient video
  3. Feels so good: I picked up the Dollup in the department store, and was instantly in love with how it felt. Everything about it felt luxurious to me. Basically, I yelled “treat yo self!” to the sales lady, and never looked back.
  4. Good lookin’: Even if it wasn’t loaded with goods, the Dollup looks like a clutch I would carry every day. Because I realized the importance of nutritional supplements a long time ago, I’ve often found myself googling “fancy pill case”, and “classy vitamin holder”... they got nothin’. No days-of-the-week pill cases for me. The Dollup fits my vibe, and I’m excited, not embarrassed, to tote it around.
  5. Nerdy Chic: The Dollup from Well Labs has just a little something extra that makes health easier for busy boss ladies. That “something” is 2 glass corked test tubes that fit any Well Labs vitamin capsule. I try to take my supplements at home, but I often forget when I’m in a rush. I keep these nerd-chic vials stocked with my Methyl B’s, Well Omega, and Probiotic Complete so I can take them everyday regardless of my schedule.


Looking good AND feeling good is where it’s at! Let us help streamline your morning routine, and class up your travel gear. Find your Dollup here!

p.s. talk about a killer gift idea for busy babes in your life!

Hannah Anderson
Hannah Anderson