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Detox and Support: 9 Ways to Support the Vaccinated Child

Vaccination is a hot, spicy, LOADED, topic in the healthcare world. People get passionate on both sides of the vaccine debate. So before you get freaked out that I'm going to say something you don't like (I can feel your skin crawling from here): my goal is love and support, regardless of your opinion and decisions. Are you feeling less spicy now? Good. As a Doctor it’s my job to support children. However, a kid’s healthcare is not my call. 

I’m an educator.

I’m a resource for parents and patients.

I provide them with data, protocols, suggestions, and reading material. Whether you choose all, some, or none of the vaccinations on the CDC schedule, your child needs love and support.

You may want the protective efforts of vaccines, but you DON’T want the toxins that come with them.

  • Formaldehyde
  • Mercury
  • Aluminum
  • Bromide
  • MSG
  • 2-phenoxyethoanol
  • polysorbate 80
  • … and more.

These substances can be toxic to humans, and can be retained in the kidneys, spleen, liver, heart, brain, lymph nodes, and muscles if our body isn’t metabolizing or detoxing properly. The easier a body can detoxify, the less likely your child will suffer an adverse effect from vaccinations.

This support and detox plan may help achieve the best of both worlds, and support your child as they grow and develop.

Pre-Vaccine Support

  1. Healthy guts!

Your child should be having regular bowel movements daily at least 7 days prior to any vaccine. If this is not the case, discuss your treatment options with your physician of choice.

  1. Pump up the nutrients!

We suggest the following supplements daily, 2 weeks before vaccinating, (ideally 6 weeks!) ask a physician for doses. Most of the following are available at

    • Probiotics - Putting in good gut bacteria helps make immune systems stronger! 70-80% of our immune systems reside in these little gut bugs!
    • Omega 3’s – Fatty acids are essential for brain function and detoxification; especially with MMR and DTaP, (combination vaccines more prone to adverse effects).
    • Vitamin A - Research has shown that Vitamin A boosts immunity and prevents severe side effects from contagious diseases. Look for a Vitamin A with elderberry herbs that stimulate the immune system and helpful filter cells. 
    • Vitamin D – Vitamin D is the immune system KING (or QUEEN). Every cell in the body needs Vitamin D and has a Vitamin D receptor, including detox cells. 
  1. Get Adjusted! – Chiropractic adjustments boost the immune system, making sure the brain is able to talk to the rest of the body. A top-notch immune system prior to vaccinating helps the body better deal with infections and toxins. Visit your family chiropractor or visit the ICPA to find a chiropractor who is trained in pediatric-specific adjustments.
  1. Avoid processed food and junk food the week before vaccinations. Let’s decrease your child’s toxic blow as much as possible. If your child is breastfeeding, awesome -- Keep it going!


Post-Vaccine Detox

  1. Continue nutritional supplements (listed above) 2 weeks after vaccinating (again, ideally 6 weeks!) to keep the immune system strong.
  1. Get Adjusted! Vaccine toxins can throw our nervous systems out of whack. Get your babes back to normal by getting them checked by a pediatric chiropractor the week following vaccines.
  1. Infrared Sauna – Many practitioners with saunas have child-safe protocols. Mom, dad, and siblings, can sit in the sauna with vaccinated kids. Sweating is good for the whole family and eliminates toxins and heavy metals. 
  1. Continue to avoid processed foods – (and junk foods), for as long as possible! You’ll be tempted to comfort them after shots with candy… don’t!
  1. Water - If the child is old enough to drink water, make sure they are drinking enough. We detox heavily through our bowels, and we need to keep them moving!


Possible Detoxification Side Effects

When your body is getting rid of garbage, you might feel garbage-y. It may not happen, but if it does, it’s normal. You might notice you or your children feeling nauseous, sleepy, grumpy, sweaty, or having loose stools. These are signs his or her body is doing its best to get the toxins out. Sometimes it’s called a “healing crisis”. This is unlikely, but if it happens, contact a physician. You should consult a physician who has training in detoxing and nutrition before undertaking any type of natural healing regimen. 

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Hannah Anderson
Hannah Anderson