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Our Purpose:

We live in a world where 80% of healthcare funds are spent on preventable and reversible illnesses. Our stores are bombarded with gizmos and gadgets to help improve our lives, clear our skin, lose weight, sleep better… and the list goes on. Why not prevent illness with free information, quality nutrition, and positive vibes? Healthy lifestyles can change the world (click here to learn what lifestyle medicine is) and prevent the scary diseases that affect our communities.

Well Labs can make the world healthier, and you can help us (without spending a dime).

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Our Mission:

We don’t want to let the cat out of the bag, but soon Well Labs will be a household name. Why? It feels good to give back! Warm fuzzies GALORE. Not only can you get health at, but you can also give health to others. A part of each Well Labs purchase helps make healthy contagious! We’ve found some amazing groups and individuals that are taking an active stance on health. These gems don’t let health pass them by, they’re taking control and doing something! See some of our favorites here (link to give back page with pictures), or read on for more ideas.

Here are a few examples of contagiously healthy visions:

  • Supporting local organic farmers
  • Teaching healthy lifestyle skills to children
  • Funding local fitness buffs willing to teach a free class in your community
  • New athletic gear or play equipment to encourage physical activity in kids
  • Sustainable food systems support
  • Cooking and meal prep demonstrations from a community foodie or nutritionist

We can only brain storm so much, so if you have a bright idea, a healthy cause, or a fit friend we can partner with, let us know!

Submit your causes and connections to
The more suggestions we get, the more we can help.

Don’t stop there!

Share Well Labs with your friends, but make healthy contagious in your own life too. Grab a friend and go for a walk. Invite your neighbors to prep healthy meals with you. Encourage your kids to play outside. Take time for yourself daily (without your phone). When you wear health on your sleeve, people notice. Spread the good word to help your friends and family catch the “health” bug.

Every item purchased from Well Labs will enable us to help your community. If you’re a healthcare provider and want to retail our products because you love our mission, please email us at

Tell us your story, and how you can help make HEALTHY contagious!

Get health, give back, and make a difference.

Alexa Schirm
Alexa Schirm