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Mission Update: Increasing Access to Real Food


We hope you've read our mission before, and we hope that's one of the reasons you're interested in Well Labs. We're doing our best to make your dollars go further by giving back every time you strive to get healthier using a Well Labs' product. 

If you haven't read our mission, it's this in a nutshell: We want to make preventative medicine (good nutrition, organic food, emotional/mental health services, etc.) available to those who can't afford it, particularly kids and their families. If we can nourish our children, we can make healthier adults, which in the current state of our country is a real issue. 

SO - How did 2017 pan out?!

Yes, we know it's 2018 now, but these numbers took some crunchin'... thanks for your patience!

Our mission giving for 2017 was centered around coordinating and funding the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) at a larger farmer's market. IN OTHER WORDS: we helped establish a local program to allow people using food stamps/EBT cards to buy local organic produce (something they could only previously use cash for). This way, people living in food deserts (areas without access to fresh produce) could afford fresh and locally grown food for their families, rather than being on the outside of the farmer's market looking in. 

2017 was a success with $1,300 in transactions for locally grown food that would not have otherwise been purchased. Additionally a free shuttle was established for those who live in an area considered a “food desert” and a total of 3,738 pounds of fresh produce (aka 3,115 meals!) were donated to a food rescue program.

We were glad to be a part of the beginning of this awesome program, and are pleased it is spreading near and far. 

Thanks to our partners at Horizons, HAACAP, Hawkeye Area Community Action Program, Inc.To The Rescue Iowa and the Cedar Rapids Kernels for making these initiatives possible.

If you've got a cause (near or far) that makes preventative health care accessible - let us know!

Calla Kleene
Calla Kleene