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5 Natural Ways to Prevent a Massive NYE Hangover

5 Natural Ways to Prevent a Massive NYE Hangover

Because you've unwrapped your presents, it feels like the holidays have finally wrapped up. Not so fast, kid. You're still a few days from the last holiday of the year. 

Personally, 2015 was a little busy for me and I'm excited to bid farewell to such a wonderfully hectic year. I'm telling the universe to bring me abundance in the most calm and relaxing way possible. (Here's hoping the universe listens.) But before I say goodbye, I have a good old fashioned party to go to on December 31st. My dress is picked out, already sitting by my shiny pumps and jewelry. So bring it on, NYE! 

Just one little catch... I'd like to naturally prevent the first massive hangover of 2016.

New Years Eve is the booziest of all holidays. It's #1 mascot is champagne (...clocks and glitter are close runners up, but I won't be consuming either of those... at least I'm not planning on it). If my personal health history is accurate, I'll wake up with a headache, be a little salty to my husband, and have a desperate desire for a cheese quesadilla (...that won't make me feel any better). 

Ya feel?! Don't tell me you're a perfect angel that never feels the wrath of a hangover the morning after. If that's the case, then I hope you play this N*SYNC song while you walk around all day.

Even if you avoid the waking headache, a night of celebration often takes you down a peg the next day in some way or another. In college, I would experience the "delayed hangover." I would go out the night before and make it through my morning classes like a champion, but as soon as lunch time hit, I turned into an Ugg-and-scarf-clad zombie. 

As a (basically) grown up, I like to avoid 1. feeling like garbage, and 2. looking like a zombie in public places. SO, I'll be doing the following 5 things this week to stay on my A-game after I watch the clock strike 12:

5 Natural Ways to Prevent a Massive NYE Hangover

1. Beef up your B-vitamins

Let's get real: Your liver has to process and detoxify alcohol so it doesn't kill you. Your liver needs B vitamins to function at 100%. You may have a low supply already if you feel tired regularly or drink often. Boozy drinks will use up those B vitamins, so you'll want to have PLENTY before you start saying "beer me!" My favorite option? Methyl B's, because it has the most effective and useable forms of every B vitamin. It's like giving your liver a reward for letting you sip champagne. Thanks liver!

2. Nix inflammation with N-acetyl Cysteine (NAC for short)

Never heard of it? We totally understand. All you need to know is that NAC is an amino acid (building block) to create POWERFUL antioxidants! Antioxidants are the saviors that run around your body preventing or reversing cell damage. (Cells damaged by booze? Very possible...). If I haven't professed my love for our Power Multi yet, this is one of the reasons it shines above all other multivitamins! Power multi has vital amino acids (like NAC) to keep your energy up, and your cell damage down. 

3. High quality H20

This isn't shocking, right? We get busy chatting (or avoiding people) and forget about that whole water thing. Dehydration is a MAJOR cause of hangovers. Try alternating your alcoholic drinks with water, or my husband's no-fail plan of chugging as much water as possible before you go to bed (option 1 might be more effective). For every cocktail you have, drink a glass of water. 1 for 1!

4. Master Magnesium-rich Foods

Alcohol depletes your body's magnesium stores. Why is that a big deal? A lack of magnesium can cause nausea, vomiting, headaches, fatigue, cramps, and personality changes. Sounds like a hangover to me! Magnesium deficiency is already pretty common, so don't fall behind even further. Magnesium rich foods are: green veggies, beans, peas, nuts, and seeds. You can also soak in an epsom salt bath to get a healthy dose of Mg.

5. Pack in the Protein

Eat plenty of protein before and after drinking. Once again, your liver needs protein to do its best detoxifying. Protein also helps keep your blood sugar level, which comes in handy when your drink order is a sweet one. Avoiding sugar highs and lows will keep your energy level so you can spend more time with friends, and less time on the struggle bus. 

Mostly, I want you to have fun and stay safe! Shake your groove thing, and stay off of Tinder. And if you need a quesadilla the next day... your secret's safe with me!

Hannah Anderson
Hannah Anderson