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5 Useful Apps for Total Body Wellness

I just sold my fitbit. I'm over it. I also sold my ipod. There's been a recent tech purge in our house because the charm of having a new gadgets has worn off. I can't keep track of more than 2 social media accounts, so completely separate devices are out of the question. While counting steps was nice for a while, it only helps with a fraction or one area of health: physical fitness. One of the major reasons we've fallen in love with functional medicine is that it considers the health of the whole person, not just bits and pieces. Your health is made up of not only physical, but mental, emotional, nutritional, chemical, and spiritual components as well. Even though comparing step totals may fuel your competitive relationship with bae, judging your health on steps alone isn't a recipe for wellness. Here are some tried and true apps you can download today that can catapult you, instead of tiptoeing, towards wellness. 

1. Blue light filter

Blue light is seriously messing you up. You, me, your neighbor, your baby... you name it. Even if you're dedicated to stopping screen time the recommended 1-2 hours before bed, you still have to do things like set your alarm clock or answer a quick text about tomorrow's lunch plans. Even these little amounts of blue light interfere with production of sleep hormones, and cause eye strain. Blue light rays from screens are scattered and hard for your eyes to focus. Installing a blue light filter (there's a million in the app store!) has personally been a game changer. I started using this because I didn't want to be rudely awakened by a bright phone when I checked the time in the middle of the night (*new mom/sleep deprivation problems*). Going back to sleep as soon as possible has been my life goal for months. It's amazing how much faster I can go back to sleep without the exposure to bright blue light. I liked it so much at night that I now use it during the day as well, only turning it off when I want to double check the color of clothes I'm buying online :) ... We're all screen-addicts, so let's lighten the blue-light-burden a bit!

2. Pick a meditation app, any meditation app.

OK, not ANY meditation app. There are some real duds out there. My top 3? Headspace (good for anyone!), Expectful (best for pregnant or new moms), or H*nest Meditation (best for those of us with potty mouths... *raises hands*). People have been meditating for thousands of years, but many of us still sit down and think, "how would I even start?" A guided meditation app makes it easy to experience the benefits of meditation without the uncertainty. Are you sitting there thinking "I don't have time to meditate, not happening."... well, you should probably make time after you read this list of meditation benefits. Even 2 minutes a day can make your life more fun to live!

3. Sworkit

Ok, this is an "oldie" but a goodie. Sworkit is the answer to your fitness problems when traveling. Choose from a free version, or pay to get custom workouts. Sworkit provides equipment-free circuit workouts you can do literally anywhere you have enough space to move your arms over your head, or lie down. No hotel gym? Doesn't matter. Staying at your weird aunt's house and need to kill some time? Might as well get a good workout in. I've even used this to alleviate airport boredom on a long layover. If only there was an app for deflecting weird looks from other travelers...

4. Skin Deep

Health isn't only how you move your body, or what you put in it... it's also what you put ON it. Toxins, parabens, phthalates, and carcinogens are lurking everywhere. They're especially present in cosmetics, hair, and body products. Use the Skin Deep app to scan any makeup, shampoo, hairspray, etc. If it rates as a moderate or high hazard - THROW IT OUT OF YOUR HOUSE. No beauty is worth slathering your body in toxic chemicals. Then take this opportunity to find joy in discovering some of my favorite all-natural brands like John Masters, Beauty Counter, W3ll People, and Juice Beauty. Better yet, read here on how you can use nutrition to get better skin from the inside out!

5. DietBet

Get paid and lose weight? That's maybe the ultimate win-win? If you need to lose weight, AND you've got a competitive side, download DietBet. This app let's you bet against your spouse, friends, co-workers, self, and total strangers to win money for losing weight. If you've been struggling with extra pounds, but need some accountability to stay on track - this just might be the key! Remember, losing weight with exercise and clean eating is the safe way to get the job done. No crazy crash diets or starvation, PLEASE. The team at DietBet will soon be publishing research on the app's results and effectiveness, so stay tuned!

It might be time...

It might be time to do a little spring cleaning on your phone. Get rid of games and time wasters, and download something that will improve your day, every day. Item #1? Start with a blue light filter to protect your brain while you search for other health-inducing apps!

Hannah Anderson
Hannah Anderson