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The Best Nutrients to Help you Focus

It's probably not as bad as my dog and ... Squirrel! But you probably have days where you just... can't... focus. You know you should be knocking down your "to-do" list but instead of checking off items 1-10, you start item 1, then check your Facebook. Then you make a cup of coffee, and start to work on item 2, because you forgot about item 1. Then you think about how item 1 would go much faster if you had a cleaner office. Then, yes, even CLEANING sound more attractive than doing what you set out to do. You stop cleaning and start reading, but you can only make it through one line before you have to re-read it, because you CAN NOT grasp the words on the page. Even if you could, you'd have trouble remembering it. The good news is, you might just need a little "oomph" in your diet! High quality nutrition can help with focus, memory, and decision making. Diagnosed with full-blown ADD? Nutrition becomes even more important. Here's our top picks, why you need them, and how to get them:



 A clutch component of fish oil, DHA is used in the cortex where all of the higher processing occurs in the brain. Reasoning, complex problem solving, and attention to detail all improve when our brains get enough of this omega-3 fatty acid. Increased DHA was even shown to boost the reading levels of school-aged children!

Find it in: Well Omega, Well Omega Liquid, Fish Tails, and eating plenty of fatty fish

Acetyl-L-carnitine and Alpha Lipoic Acid:

Called ACL and ALA for short, these powerful antioxidants helps tame inflammation in the brain. When your brain doesn't have to waste time with irritating chemicals, it can make decisions faster! Practically the noise canceling headphones of nutrients. Even more powerful, the combination of the ALA & ACL taken at the same time has been shown to significantly decrease stress on the brain. So next time your friend can't pick a dang sushi place in less than an hour let them know they're running low, and need to load up on these antioxidants!

Find them in: Power Multi, Power Antioxidants, Broccoli, and Spinach

Zinc and Magnesium: 

Got those fidgeting fingers, or restless legs that distract you while you're trying to work? These minerals play an important role in controlling ADHD symptoms. Zinc regulates a neurological chemical called dopamine, and it may make it more effective in the brian. Magnesium is also used to boost energy and make neurotransmitters for longer attention spans.

Find them in: Power Minerals, Power Multi, Nuts, Seeds, Dark Leafy Greens, Avocado


Pronounced like "Ko-lean"... because we were all wondering, right? Choline helps make acetylcholine, the brain chemical that is clutch for memory and mental clarity. This is especially true for the aging brain, and might even ramp up growth hormones in our body. We also need choline to form healthy walls that protect our brain cells, and transfer the nerve signals down the nerve. So next time you can't remember the end of that Rabbi walks into a bar joke... just end it with, "the he said: boy, I didn't get enough choline today!"

Find it in: The Power Multi, Eggs, Liver, Peanuts


Your brain uses SO MUCH energy to focus, and brain cells need help staying full up on fuel. CoQ10 powers the mitochondria (energy making cells) in your brain, and keeps toxins away. Spending less time with toxins means your brain can spend MORE time sending signals. When your brain cells don't have energy, they get sluggish, misfire, and start to degenerate. It's like playing catch for hours, and hours... and hours, without stopping for a snack. Eventually your arms become like useless jell-o and you'd rather stop working and lay down.

Find it in: CoQ10, organ meats, beef, broccoli, and cauliflower

So it's time, right now, for you to hop off the struggle bus and onto easy street. Load up your brain with the nutrients it needs to focus well, and do the work!

And if you'd rather "focus" on some cheesy fan fiction, or finishing that season of Gilmore Girls for the 4th time... well... we don't blame you. 

Hannah Anderson
Hannah Anderson