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June 07, 2016

Stressful Times? Keeping a Routine Could Save Your Sanity

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Worried? Spread too thin? I was recently spread too thin (and not the kind that helps you fit into last year's swim suit) when I moved miles away from home and started a new business. This middle-of-nowhere Kansas belle decided to pack up her boots and head to the Jersey Shore. Intentionally. To stay for a while, if not forever. I did it for love, my career, excitement, and happy hour on the beach. I got all of that and more, but I didn't expect it to take as long, or be so damn stressful. Let me fill you in on how keeping a routine during one of the most stressful times in my life saved my sanity, and my productivity.

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June 01, 2016

Protein: The good, the bad, and how much we really need

I have to admit, my life goals don't involve "max reps" or "big gains" at the gym. It mostly involves "work really hard", "don't say or do anything super embarrassing", and "remember to brush your teeth - even if you have to use the back up toothbrush in your desk at work." Oddly enough, those less muscle minded goals of mine require protein too. We need protein for more than just building muscles. Cartilage, skin, blood, and hormones need protein to function normally. Now, not all protein is created equal. There's a difference between good proteins, bad proteins, weight lifter protein, and "normal person, not even a gym rat" protein. The truth is, we all need it. Did you know the whole point of having DNA is that it makes blueprints for... protein?! It's very valuable to our bodies, but how do we know the best sources, and how much we should be eating?

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May 25, 2016

A 3 Step Approach to Boosting Fertility in Men and Women

Name one thing that everyone wants to talk about, but no one wants to talk about. If you said "sex" you nailed it (pun intended... in fact, all puns from here on out -- totally intended). Now, we won't be getting into the nitty gritty of baby-making, but we will be talking about 3 big steps towards making you fertile. Also, ahem... MAN FRIENDS: I don't care you jacked you are, where you got your MBA, or how sensual your hipster beard is -- 50% of the fertility burden lands on you. Mostly, because you're required to make half of the baby, and also because the world wide sperm count has dropped by 30% over the past 10 years. Guy or gal, take these 3 leaps; not only for fertility, but for general wellness and a higher quality life!

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May 16, 2016

WTF is MTHFR: Why You Should Stop Taking Folic Acid

You know that feeling? That feeling when you read something on Facebook or Instagram, and whether you literally slap yourself in the forehead or not... you have the over whelming feeling of ... face palm. Someone has not only missed the theoretical boat, but you're not sure they even know what a boat looks like. I have that feeling repeatedly about one topic in particular: MTHFR. Say what? I know it looks like we let a toddler play with our keyboard, but "MTHFR" is a gene that has a huge effect on our health. This is gene can be mutated and it's especially important for anyone who has, or plans on having kids (males AND females). In this post we will explain WTF this MTHFR mutation actually is, how it affects you, and why it's important to switch from Folic Acid to Folate.

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May 03, 2016

Unlocking Nutrition For Autism

My cousin can recite the entire credits from a Disney movie from start to finish. He can tell you the day of the week you were born if you tell him the day and year (Sept 13th was a Wednesday the year I was born... I was unaware until he told me). He can make an exact replica of every state flag with just magic markers and his expert fine motor control. He's autistic, and awesome, and talented, and nutrition can HUGELY improve his quality of life! Here's how...
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April 27, 2016

Know Your Numbers: What the Lab Values from Your Doctor Actually Mean

If you're playing nice (or trying to be proactive) you show up to your yearly physical with a weary, yet understanding mindset. Your inner monologue might go like mine: "Ok, I'm probably fine. They'll run some tests, and tell me I'm normal. I'll have to smell like disinfectant for a few hours and wear a stupid paper dress, then I can go on with my life." I hate to break it to you, but this is how lazy people do the doctor's office... and sometimes it can be destructive. You may have years and years of everything "coming back normal" and all of a sudden...

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April 19, 2016

Using Nutrition to Get Your Best Skin Yet

It might be a little cheesy... but in each of our orders we send a little card with a quote that inspired us to form Well Labs. (Also, if you spend as much time on social media as I do, your life becomes all about inspirational quotes written in pretty fonts. Not ashamed!) My favorite of these quotes is "healthy outsides start with healthy insides." Although that might not inspire you (my hair is practically standing on end just re-reading it now), it's definitely true! Nutrition can help you get your best skin yet. Let's face it: dull hair, red skin, and cracked lips are the pits. They suck. There's no way around it. So let me fill you in on how to heal your skin from the inside out using proper nutrition!

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April 03, 2016

The Best Nutrients to Help you Focus

It's probably not as bad as my dog and ... Squirrel! But you have days where you just... can't... focus. You know you should be knocking down your "to-do" list but instead of checking off items 1-10, you start item 1, then check your Facebook. Then you make a cup of coffee, and start to work on item 2, because you forgot about item 1. Then you think about how item 1 would go much faster if you had a cleaner office. Then, yes, even CLEANING sound more attractive than doing what you set out to do. You stop cleaning and start reading, but you can only make it through one line before you have to re-read it, because you CAN NOT grasp the words on the page. Even if you could, you'd have trouble remembering it. The good news is, you might just need a little "oomph" in your diet! High quality nutrition can help with focus, memory, and decision making. Diagnosed with full-blown ADD? Nutrition becomes even more important. Here's our top picks, why you need them, and how to get them!

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March 29, 2016

5 Reasons You Need to Know About 5-HTP

There's a phenomenon in the Midwest that only happens when the seasons change from cold to warm. The grass and cornfields are brown and the snow seems to be fading away (but occasionally shows up after a few warmer days just to taunt all of us infected with cabin fever). All of the sudden it's 45 degrees and we want to wear flip flops and short sleeves so badly that we abandon our coats and socks and don't look back. The cold stings, but we're SO over winter that we don't think twice. Frostbite matches our pedicure, so figure your life out, Mother Nature. And since you and I most likely have a job, or school, or family that keeps us from going on spring break for months at time (*dream life*) let me introduce you to our best kept secret, 5-HTP, and why it can help you round the corner to spring with grace, ease, and pep in your step!

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March 20, 2016

Wildly Affordable Ways to (Naturally) Tame Allergies

You're on fire!!! Ok, not literally, but that's what the inside of your body feels like when you have a constant battle with allergies. If you tend to get sinus pressure, watery eyes, and that lovely drainage in your throat come spring time you might think of it more like a faucet that can't be shut off. Whether you feel more like a faucet or a fire, the problem has a real name, and that name is... inflammation. So what can you do RIGHT NOW (and au-natural) to tame the flames that leave you with red eyes and running noses? Help is on the way!

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