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November 10, 2020

The 7 Day Birth Control Detox

I wholeheartedly believe in supporting your body to do the amazing things it's capable of. I have little kids, and I've realized that instead of giving them more, more, MORE - sometimes I just need to remove the road blocks and let them thrive on their own. This applies to your health as well. When you take a few days to focus on the removal of toxins (roadblocks!) it can do a much better job of keeping you well. Medications, pesticides, and artificial fragrances are just a few of the things that slow down your liver and intestines, gumming up the detoxification process. This impacts every other system in your body. We've made this guide, paired with a curated set of high quality nutrition, to explain and support the detoxification process. This guide is appropriate for many different lifestyles, but it's GREAT after breaking up with hormonal birth control after months or years of use. It can be especially helpful if you're experiencing negative side effects, or planning to get pregnant in the future. 

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October 28, 2020

Our Sustainability Goals: Living That Neutral Life

Concerned about the climate?

Us too. Sustainability is one of our (aspirational) values. We've recently taken steps to get closer to a neutral impact on our earth's environment. Here are the steps we're taking: 

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May 06, 2019

Nutrition After Baby

Dear everyone, "mom brain" is real. Moms are multitasking queens. Have you seen a mom find everyone's lost shoes/socks/bags while cooking breakfast, after waking up early to get ready themselves, and coordinate 3+ schedules for the week? It's a miracle that occurs daily in many houses. Unfortunately, most moms are going too hard, too soon without the proper mental, emotional, physical, and nutritional support. It's no wonder why moms end up with postpartum depression and anxiety. Instead of brushing off these feelings, or blaming them on sleepless nights, let's take a look at the real chemical and nutritional reasons moms lose their marbles. 

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April 18, 2019

Get More Out of Your Medicine Cabinet

When I graduated nearly 10 years ago, I grossly misunderstood how important of a role vitamins, minerals, and adequate rest (among many other things) have in our day to day life. I also didn’t realize the staggering number of Americans on a prescription drugs. Unfortunately, it wasn't taught in school, and I'd never come across the research and publications surrounding “drug induced micronutrient depletions”. This phrase describes the fact that any drug (prescribed or over the counter) in order to absorb and function in your body, requires vitamins and minerals to be metabolized. This, in addition to our body’s already high nutrient needs, can further deplete your body's vitamin and mineral stores. When this occurs we say “hello” to side effects.

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March 25, 2019

Mission Update: You're helping a woman give birth.

We're excited to announce that the proceeds from 2018 have been allocated to sponsor a doula through the National Black Doula Association. Why this? Our mission has always been to provide preventative and lifestyle medicine to those who can't afford it. Starting with a child's birth is about as preventative as it gets.

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August 12, 2018

You're No Dinosaur: Aging Well With Nutrition

My parents are in their 50's. They're taking care of their elderly parents, while soaring to the top in their career fields, traveling, chasing my toddler, and getting stronger all the time. When I post picture of them on social media my friends from high school often comment "HOW DO THEY NEVER AGE?"... They aren't magical unicorns, but they do work as hard on their health as they do at their jobs. They're often surrounded by friends their age with aches, pains, and conditions equated with "just getting old." It doesn't have to be so, but it does take an open mind and dedication. Here are a few ways your body changes as you celebrate more birthdays, and what you can do to with nutrition to improve your quality of life:
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April 17, 2018

Mission Update: Increasing Access to Real Food

If you haven't read our mission, it's this in a nutshell: We want to make preventative medicine (good nutrition, organic food, emotional/mental health services, etc.) available to those who can't afford it, particularly kids and their families. If we can nourish our children, we can make healthier adults, which in the current state of our country is a real issue. 

SO - How did 2017 pan out?!

Yes, we know it's 2018 now, but these numbers took some crunchin'... thanks for your patience! Here's how...

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February 28, 2018

Plastic and Infertility: Your Body (and baby) Can't Deal

Warning: This post may launch you into full spring cleaning mode, or trigger a big 'ol shopping spree at your nearest HomeGoods. Both of these things are great in my book... right up there with color-coded to-do lists, but to each their own.

Are you drinking or eating out of plastic right now? Has that plastic ever been heated, or washed with heavy duty dish detergent? It could be damaging your cells left and right. I'm going to frame this important issue around fertility and new offspring, but to be honest, cell damage and haywire hormones affect our entire health. Let's talk about how the chemicals in plastic (namely, BPA, because it's the most researched) are sending you mixed signals, and start planning that anti-BPA shopping spree.

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September 17, 2017

Cholesterol is Sexy (and other reasons you need it)

Not only is cholesterol sexy (I'll explain), but did you know it's a part of every cell in your body? In the past 5-10 years cholesterol has practically turned into a curse word. Getting preventative screening via lab testing is a good thing, but can result in an unnecessary fight against a non-evil. Cholesterol is not a fire to be put out. This little waxy molecule is a vital to every cell in our body, in multiple ways.

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June 14, 2017

Help Your Hot Body: How to Support a Fever with Nutrition

It's getting hot, hot, hot! Could that be a good thing? When a fever shows up, it's easy to freak out and grab the Tylenol IMMEDIATELY.  However, since acetaminophen is rough on the liver (especially for babies and kids), let's take a step back and talk about how fevers can actually be GOOD. A fever isn't only a sign of illness, it's also a sign of nutritional deficiencies. Understanding how important nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin C play into the physiological process of a fever can help you and your family take a more natural route next time the thermometer gets toasty. Here's how to support a fever with nutrition, and get over illness faster.

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