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    Injection Support Protocol: Gather data, support your body.

    September 24, 2021

    Should we just dive into the hottest topic of the times? We've talked about safety and detoxification around vaccines before, but we've got some new suggestions with the current and ever-updating information surrounding CV-19 injections.  None of these suggestions have been studied in short or long term models, and are our suggestions based on we've seen thus far in research and clinical practice. These are basic recommendations, not supported by the CDC, or are FDA cleared as a standard of care for anyone.  What we suggest before your injection(s): 1. Gather Data Get tested via PCR specifically for Covid-19 infection. Receiving a CV19 injection is contraindicated during an active infection. Considering many cases are asymptomatic positive, this proactive measure is advised in obligatory injections at this time....

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    The 7 Day Birth Control Detox

    November 10, 2020

    I wholeheartedly believe in supporting your body to do the amazing things it's capable of. I have little kids, and I've realized that instead of giving them more, more, MORE - sometimes I just need to remove the road blocks and let them thrive on their own. This applies to your health as well. When you take a few days to focus on the removal of toxins (roadblocks!) it can do a much better job of keeping you well. Medications, pesticides, and artificial fragrances are just a few of the things that slow down your liver and intestines, gumming up the detoxification process. This impacts every other system in your body. We've made this guide, paired with a curated set of high quality nutrition, to explain and support the detoxification process. This guide is appropriate for many different lifestyles, but it's GREAT after breaking up with hormonal birth control after months or years of use. It can be especially helpful if you're experiencing negative side effects, or planning to get pregnant in the future.