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    Our Favorites


    Clean Up Your Grocery Cart: 5 Ways to Bring Healthy Food Home

    May 02, 2017

    Have you ever peeked at the cart behind you in the checkout line, and IMMEDIATELY been embarrassed about your own grocery selections? That lady is pretty much only buying vegetables and you have 10 boxes of Easy Mac... (they were on sale, ok?). Well luckily, Minneapolis-based foodie, Alex from Andra Eats is walking us through how to have a healthy, enviable, grocery cart. Meaning, healthy food will ACTUALLY go home with you and not just the person in line behind you!

    Digestion Questions: Prebiotics vs. Probiotics, and Why You Need Enzymes

    April 03, 2017

    We harp on gut health all the time. About as often as your girlfriend talks about The Bachelor, or your mom wonders if you're eating enough. But like your mom's concerns (and unlike The Bachelor), gut health comes up a lot because it's important. However, important isn't synonymous with "easy", or "simple", and healthy bellies can require some new vocab words. If you've got one toe dipped in the wellness world, you've probably heard the words "probiotics", "prebiotics", and "enzymes". Those words leave a lot of people wondering if "pre" and "pro" are referring to the same things, what situations call for one or the other, and why you even need them in the first place! Let me clear up a few digestion questions, explain the difference between these 3 gut health buzz words, and let you know when you need them and why!