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    Nutrition After Baby

    May 06, 2019

    Dear everyone, "mom brain" is real. Moms are multitasking queens. Have you seen a mom find everyone's lost shoes/socks/bags while cooking breakfast, after waking up early to get ready themselves, and coordinate 3+ schedules for the week? It's a miracle that occurs daily in many houses. Unfortunately, most moms are going too hard, too soon without the proper mental, emotional, physical, and nutritional support. It's no wonder why moms end up with postpartum depression and anxiety. Instead of brushing off these feelings, or blaming them on sleepless nights, let's take a look at the real chemical and nutritional reasons moms lose their marbles. 

    Get More Out of Your Medicine Cabinet

    April 18, 2019

    When I graduated nearly 10 years ago, I grossly misunderstood how important of a role vitamins, minerals, and adequate rest (among many other things) have in our day to day life. I also didn’t realize the staggering number of Americans on a prescription drugs. Unfortunately, it wasn't taught in school, and I'd never come across the research and publications surrounding “drug induced micronutrient depletions”. This phrase describes the fact that any drug (prescribed or over the counter) in order to absorb and function in your body, requires vitamins and minerals to be metabolized. This, in addition to our body’s already high nutrient needs, can further deplete your body's vitamin and mineral stores. When this occurs we say “hello” to side effects.