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    Our Favorites


    Birth Control In Your Body: How It Works and Why You Need to Know Now

    August 31, 2016


    You take the pill every day (or wear a patch, ring, or IUD) but do you know how and why it even works? For that matter, do you know how your cycle works? I'm writing this from a slightly disgruntled point of view. I managed to make it almost all the way through my doctorate (IN HEALTH CARE) without actually knowing how my own cycle worked. No one taught me, and if they tried I was in that "4 coffees can't keep me awake after this many exams in a row" zombie haze. Did you know that there's only about 4-6 days out of the month you can even get pregnant? I was spending all 30 days freaking out because I didn't know about 4 days. So I did what I thought was the only option, and I went on the birth control pill during college (later than most of my friends)... because what else do you do when you don't want to get pregnant? Turns out, there's a lot more to it. So here it is: how birth control works, why you need to know, and what other options do you have?

    The All Natural Sick-Day: 6 Smart Ways to Recover Faster

    July 26, 2016

    My summer holiday plans were ruined by 3 of the most aggressive sick days of my life. Yes, I know, waahh wahh... poor me, like I'm the only person who gets sick. But here's the thing -- I like to think of myself as some sort of special health unicorn, who hops over illness at every turn, just defusing it with magical glitter sparkles. That's what you get for working in the health and wellness field. You do tend to be healthier, but when you eventually get sick (I'm apparently not a unicorn 100% of the time) you're completely ashamed. Here's 6 ways that I recovered fast. It looks a little different than your sick-day, but this all-natural option might help you kick the junk bugs faster!