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    Our Favorites


    Plastic and Infertility: Your Body (and baby) Can't Deal

    February 28, 2018

    Warning: This post may launch you into full spring cleaning mode, or trigger a big 'ol shopping spree at your nearest HomeGoods. Both of these things are great in my book... right up there with color-coded to-do lists, but to each their own.

    Are you drinking or eating out of plastic right now? Has that plastic ever been heated, or washed with heavy duty dish detergent? It could be damaging your cells left and right. I'm going to frame this important issue around fertility and new offspring, but to be honest, cell damage and haywire hormones affect our entire health. Let's talk about how the chemicals in plastic (namely, BPA, because it's the most researched) are sending you mixed signals, and start planning that anti-BPA shopping spree.

    Cholesterol is Sexy (and other reasons you need it)

    September 17, 2017

    Not only is cholesterol sexy (I'll explain), but did you know it's a part of every cell in your body? In the past 5-10 years cholesterol has practically turned into a curse word. Getting preventative screening via lab testing is a good thing, but can result in an unnecessary fight against a non-evil. Cholesterol is not a fire to be put out. This little waxy molecule is a vital to every cell in our body, in multiple ways.