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    Our Favorites


    Real Risk Factors for Heart Disease and Why You Can't Wait to Make Changes

    February 06, 2017

    Heart disease is just a thing old dudes worry about... right? Sorry, pal. It's actually everywhere. Statistically, you know someone with cardiovascular disease (even if you don't know they have it). But it's also likely you're very aware of someone in your family is struggling with heart health. It may sound small like high cholesterol, or it may be as serious as a heart attack. "But... I can basically ignore it until I'm old, right?" DOUBLE sorry, pal. Heart disease, strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. don't just magically appear one day. The universe doesn't pick a day and declare "TODAY is the day you'll start eating dinner at 4:30 pm, watching 'stories' on the TV, and start thinking about your heart health." That fun diagnosis all the "old" people receive has been in the works for YEARS by the time a doctor actually finds it. Let me explain why and how to prevent heart issues now, and the REAL risk factors you should be looking for (hint: your doctor might be a liiiiittle out of touch).  

    How to Set Yourself Up for a Great Year

    January 04, 2017

    I've nicknamed myself "the finisher"... wait it's not cool to give yourself a nickname? Those don't stick? Anyway... It's not because I can do a cool WWE wrestling move that puts people to sleep, or because I'm secretly an assassin. I just REALLY like crossing things off of a to-do list. The point is: I get a charge from accomplishing even the most mundane things at any cost. So you can imagine, that "completing" a whole calendar year makes me want to hand out medals to everyone and yell "congrats!" With the fresh start of a calendar flip in mind, there are handful of things you can do to set yourself up for an absolutely great year. You might have tried the old "drink more water, get a gym membership... etc." but here are a few different ways you can be proactive and set yourself up for success this year.