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    Help Your Hot Body: How to Support a Fever with Nutrition

    June 14, 2017

    It's getting hot, hot, hot! Could that be a good thing? When a fever shows up, it's easy to freak out and grab the Tylenol IMMEDIATELY.  However, since acetaminophen is rough on the liver (especially for babies and kids), let's take a step back and talk about how fevers can actually be GOOD. A fever isn't only a sign of illness, it's also a sign of nutritional deficiencies. Understanding how important nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin C play into the physiological process of a fever can help you and your family take a more natural route next time the thermometer gets toasty. Here's how to support a fever with nutrition, and get over illness faster.

    5 Useful Apps for Total Body Wellness

    May 24, 2017

    I just sold my fitbit. I'm over it. I also sold my ipod. There's been a recent tech purge in our house because the charm of having a new gadgets has worn off. I can't keep track of more than 2 social media accounts, so completely separate devices are out of the question. While counting steps was nice for a while, it only helps with a fraction or one area of health: physical fitness. One of the major reasons we've fallen in love with functional medicine is that it considers the health of the whole person, not just bits and pieces. Your health is made up of not only physical, but mental, emotional, nutritional, chemical, and spiritual components as well. Even though comparing step totals may fuel your competitive relationship with bae, judging your health on steps alone isn't a recipe for wellness. Here are some tried and true apps you can download today that can catapult you, instead of tiptoeing, towards wellness. (Continued...)