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    Our Favorites


    Why Doing Nothing Is Overwhelming to Your Brain

    October 19, 2016

    Having NOTHING to do can be pure freedom. Joy. Exhilarating. One of my favorite comedians puts it perfectly here. Have you ever asked an adult their weekend plans, and they respond with "Nothing. Nothing at all."? They almost always have a smile on their face. No plans and no rules can be, well, the best. There are times however, when "doing nothing" ceases to scream "FREEDOM" and starts to yell an overwhelming, "OH NO WHAT AM I DOING." Let me explain the good and bad types of "nothing" and why the bad kind can overwhelm you into oblivion. 

    5 Game-changing Health Books to Add to Your Reading List

    October 11, 2016

    Did you finish all those hot beach reads from this summer?! Good for you, little bookworm. Luckily, we've compiled our favorite health and wellness related reads for you to dig into! The irony of this post is that I don't even really like books (20 friends from my small town private college just cried a silent tear, and swore me off as a friend, but whatever). However, these books are SO GOOD that they made this non-reader become a full on, can't put it down, always have a book in my purse, READER (...or audiobook listener). They have not only shaped the way I live my life, but completely changed how I see patients as a physician. Here's what's hot!