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Kids' Vitamin D

  • Tasteless, odorless, and colorless - this liquid vitamin D3 is a genius way to get babies and kids the nutrition they need. Nearly all pediatricians recommend supplementing Vitamin D (especially for breastfed babies) because it is KEY for healthy growth and development. This bottle was built with your little nugget in mind. Healthy levels of vitamin D have been associated with better immune systems and stronger bones. That means more playing, and less sick days! *insert parents high-fiving*... Kids' Vitamin D does not contain gluten, dairy, fish, nuts, egg, artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives. *insert parents high-fiving again*

    D3 + K2 Liquid Product Information Sheet
  • Maintaining optimal vitamin D levels in children is a concern for many parents. Known as the sunshine vitamin, one of the key roles of vitamin D is maintaining serum calcium and phosphorous balance, a key aspect of bone health. Our bodies make vitamin D by converting vitamin D2 to D3, or cholecalciferol, when exposed to sunlight; D3 is also the form which the body derives from dietary cholesterol. When calcium and phosphorus levels dip in the body, parathyroid hormone (PTH) is released to increase vitamin D conversion to the active form. D3 is then metabolized to calcitriol, a steroid hormone that helps regulate a variety of genes through the vitamin D receptor (VDR). While vitamin D is available in both forms as supplements, studies have found vitamin D3 is the preferable form as it has been found to maintain active vitamin D levels for a longer period of time.

    Kid's Vitamin D Liquid includes 10 mcg of Vitamin D3 (400 IU) of per serving. The tasteless liquid formula can easily be combined with any beverage.

    Suggested Use:

    1/2 dropperful (.4mL) per day or as recommended by your health care professional. Can be taken directly on the tongue and swallowed or mixed with the beverage of your choice.

    • Helps Increase Musculoskeletal Strength
    • Promotes Bone and Dental Health
    • increases Calcium absorption and Balance
    • Boosts Immune Activity
  • A Note on Vitamin D Depletion

    While it has long been assumed that the majority of the population achieves adequate levels of vitamin D through exposure to the sun, the biosynthesis of the nutrient is affected by time of day, seasons, location, smog/pollution, clothing, and sunscreen. In addition, those with darker skin require more exposure to the sun to attain adequate levels. These factors all contribute to the insufficiency seen in a growing portion of the population. In addition, it takes about 48 hours for vitamin D to be absorbed from the skin into the body and washing skin during that time period can interfere with absorption into the blood. Inadequate intake or levels of cholesterol can also inhibit the adequate production of the nutrient. Depleted levels of vitamin D may interfere with the development of teeth and bones and cell growth, and contribute to poor regulation of immune and nervous systems.

    Please See the Product Info Sheet for Further Information


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