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Mission Update: You're helping a woman give birth.


We're excited to announce that the proceeds from 2018 have been allocated to sponsor a doula through the National Black Doula Association. Why this? Our mission has always been to provide preventative and lifestyle medicine to those who can't afford it. Starting with a child's birth is about as preventative as it gets. 

What's a doula?

In the words of Tracie Enis, "...the midwife does everything medical, the doula’s role is non-medical... so it's emotional, mental, and physical support." A doula is an advocate for the mothers during their pregnancy and labor. Doulas provide love, support, and knowledge. They're aware of mom's ideal birth, and advocate for needs and desires, so other family members can fill other capacities. A doula does not replace the partner and family but only supports all who are involved, giving them confidence and assurance through the journey. For more info you may want to read: what's a doula? + why dads love doulas.

Black women are dying.

The black maternal health care crisis is alarming. Black women are dying at a rate 3 to 4 times higher than white women during and after childbirth. Many of these deaths are occurring because black women lack support and advocates. 

It's paramount that you listen to this podcast with Tracie Enis of the NBDA to get a glimpse at the lack of support for black women giving birth. 

We will be excited to share updates on our sponsored doula and the mother she is supporting. Stay tuned!

Hannah Anderson
Hannah Anderson