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7 Affordable Ways to Regain Your Health


Think Health is expensive?

It doesn't have to be! Here's 7 FREE things you can do today to improve your health:

1. Leave work at work. Work is important. I'm guilty of being a work-a-holic too, but you can tackle it tomorrow more aggressively with a clean start and clear mind. There’s an addictive amount of peace when you make a clean cut between your workday, and your home life. You’ll start craving saying “no” to homework.

2. Disconnect. Stop answering emails and checking Twitter long into the night. And when you wake up, don’t spoon your phone and stare into it like it’s your only friend. A wise boss-lady once told me:

"When you’re in your 20’s you think everyone’s talking about you.
When you’re in your 30’s you don’t care that everyone’s talking about you.
When you’re in your 40’s you realize that no one was talking about you in the first place."

So, wise up to your elders (or your current age) and stop putting such a high value on media and screen time.

3. Look up, and out. We look down at our computers, phones, and tablets ALL DAY. This can actually slow down your brain. Looking up and out allows your brain to develop and function at a higher level because it’s getting more input from the muscle fibers in the back of your neck. Go for a walk, take in your surroundings, and gain some sweet sweet mental clarity.

4. Be Still. “Girl please, you literally just told me to take a walk,” You’re right, I did,
but life is all about balance. We need activity, AND we need time to do NOTHING. So after your walk, when you wake up in the morning, or right before bed, sit back and close your eyes. Relax your jaw, drop your shoulders away from your ears, and quit gluing your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Release some tension, because ain’t no one got time for that.

5. Forgive yourself. Oh you messed up? So did everyone else. There are billions of people on this planet, and someone has messed up worse than you today, and probably every day. You can strive for excellence while being human. No one’s flawless, but we’re definitely going to do our best! Guilt is toxic, and is a waste of time. Don’t hold onto it.

6. Put out positive vibes. Sometimes you have good thoughts all day and forget to let them out! Don’t bottle that stuff up, man. If your co-worker is wearing a cool shirt, or your BFF told a great joke, let them know! No one’s going to judge you for being too nice. And if they do, shame on them, and “kill ‘em with kindness” because the world is a better place when compliments fill the air.

7. Take a nap. Remember how the best things in life a free? It’s easy to get bogged down by the price of healthcare, but sleep is cheap. Get some! Close those precious peepers and recharge. When you’re well rested you’re a better friend, mom, dad, sibling, boss, break dancer, scuba diver, crazy cat lady… the list goes on. Permission to snooze, my friend.

Before you disconnect…

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Hannah Anderson
Hannah Anderson